Prize Highlight: Bumblejax!

Bumblejax.2Our next prize highlight is two $100 gift cards for photo mounting by Bumblejax! Founded only in 2009, Bumblejax has already become a Seattle favorite  for modern photo display techniques. Their team of passionate, experienced professionals specializes in “handcrafting digital images into gallery quality wall art”, using unique, non-traditional materials such as acrylics, bamboo, and aluminum. Besides producing large statement pieces for shows, they are eager to bring stand-out photo mounts to even the amateur artist.



The idea for the company was imagined after co-founder Corey Dwinnell wanted to print and mount some of the cool shots he took from a trip to Thailand.As he thought about printing them on different substrates, he found there were few labs offering photo mounting, especially domestically, and those available did not have easy online ordering experiences. As stated by Bumblejax, “our mission and passion is to transform digital photos that get lost on hard drives or buried in the archives of Instagram into gallery quality art. The smile on the face of our customers when they open that box and see the photo they took crafted into art keeps us going every day.” The company started and continues to focus on three key areas – customer service, quality and technology – and strive to offer a personal, relatable, and user-friendly service. Their quality control follows checks and balances and Corey personally reviews many of the photo mounts going back to customers. The online ordering experience at Bumblejax is painless and easy and they are always keeping up with technological trends that would help them connect with their customers. From amateur works to gallery shows, Bumblejax loves to work directly with the artists.


To get a better feel for what they can offer you, check out Bumblejax’s products and even take a peek at their production process on their website, Youtube channel, or Facebook page!


From Bumblejax:

Here’s a video of a large acrylic mount we did for a local Seattle artist not long after wewent into business several years ago. It had been by far the most difficult piece to produce up to that point. It measures 72×46” and was mounted using the artists metallic print. Unfortunately, video doesn’t really do it justice particularly with the glare in this shot, but you get an idea of what it might look like in person. With the right gallery lighting it really does have the WOW factor!


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